Gear Box analysis


Performed optimization of Gear pair layouts in space constrains with increased static and fatigue life.Developed Mesh stiffness algorithms to customer and optimized dynamic models in Matlab with interface to Ansys.

Piping Design and analysis


 Our piping engineers are well experienced in handling all complicated piping stress analysis & piping design. The broad understanding on constructability and operational factors of facility allows us to work with our clients to ensure a quality service. 

Flange designs


Cost optimization for customer project:Developed python script for fatigue damage of the wind turbine flange, analyzing the fatigue stress of the wind turbine flange with Ansys software,realizing load simulation of flange fatigue case with Bladed software, and calculating the fatigue loading spectrum of the flange with the method of rain flow circulation count. The fatigue damage calculation method which combines the rain flow circulation count method with Palmgren-Miner linear cumulative damage law, is proposed to modify the S-N curve of the flange material according to DNVGL standard.

Optimization of Centrifugal pump design using Ansys CFX


For our customer project, Ansys CFX is used to optimize the centrifugal pump designs. Best efficiency point is calculated by varying the effect of outlet blade variation angle and no. of blades. 0.7% increased efficiency is seen from our calculations and customer verified this with measurements.

Supporting Data analytic projects (CBM) for customers


Supported in development of condition based maintenance for Pumps and Medical devices. For customer projects, supported development work using Java frame works.

Software development & Testing


 As banks seek to make use of every revenue opportunity, they face challenges in achieving operating efficiencies and rationalization of spends. We understand these challenges and  our experience with multiple players in the securities and investments market - namely custodians, fund managers, and regulators - enables us to bring in a holistic industry perspective that promotes best practices and industry standards. 

We provide integration and testing services around industry-standard trading and execution management systems.